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The list of events at the Gardens for the Summer, is on the official website, here.

New ‘Loyalty Schemes’ introduced for local residents’ annual membership; meals and drinks.

More information on the official Yalding Gardens Facebook page

We are clearly ‘late to the party’ with this one – only just found it!

The official Yalding Gardens page on Facebook – here

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Following our latest NewsList mailing; we received an e-mail from a local (to Yalding) resident; saddened by what she sees as our negative comments towards the Yalding Gardens and their owners and concerned that we are not being supportive of same.  Our correspondent also mentioned that she had read a number of our earlier emails; which caused similar upset. (NB: NewsList members can easily unsubscribe here)

Whilst we have probably addressed these points in the past; time and events move-on. So in the event that it might assist others, similarly concerned; we publish our response below – and would of course welcome comments…

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The online edition of the Kent Messenger is stating that residents of Yalding, Laddingford, Hunton and Collier Street can now get 20 per cent off the annual membership to the Gardens.

The KM also states that there is a complete programme of summer activities, especially with children in mind. Starting on Monday, July 26 with a series of bug hunts in the gardens.

Full article here.

We are delighted to see that the ‘official’ Yalding Gardens website at http://yaldinggardens.org/ has now been updated. A great improvement on the original temporary site!

Although clearly still a bit ‘under development’; the site carries much of the text of the current garden leaflet, and provides links to the ‘Hedgeblog’ – albeit with somewhat eccentric navigation.

Just noticed that the online edition of the Kent Messenger (here) has a short article on the Gardens wanting volunteer gardeners.

We picked-up a ‘Volunteering Aplication Form’ from the Gardens the other day – and it can be downloaded here, if required.

For those that are not subscribed (sign-up here); the content of our most recent NewsList mailing…

Just a note to let you know about the updates to our ‘unofficial’ website at yaldingorganicgardens.info, since the Garden’s re-opening a month ago.

Most significantly; we have re-arranged and expanded the Gallery page (here), which now has a selection of photos taken over the past six years – showing the Gardens under the care of the three different ‘operators’.

We have also published our own sketch plan of the Gardens (available for download here) to fill an obvious gap in the information available.

As to any ‘official’ news from the Gardens; this is still very thin on the ground – virtually non-existent. As far as we are aware; there is no program of events published anywhere and the official ‘Yalding Gardens’ website – having been publicising the opening day as a future event until yesterday – currently only shows the ‘hedgeblog’ – last updated on the 18th June! We continue to have absolutely no contact with the ‘operators’ – our last email (congratulating them on the opening) going unanswered. We will however publish whatever event information we learn-of.

The Gardens themselves continue to look spectacular – with the new tenants clearly working hard to build on HDRA’s original magnificent demonstration gardens and all the effort and investment that has gone before. Our own five visits over the past month have (with one exception) generally found few visitors in the Gardens themselves (as opposed to the café) but we can only hope that the summer holidays bring higher numbers. Certainly, the friendliness and enthusiasm of Paul Smith and his staff deserve reward by success; even if the café and farm shop offerings, leave a fair amount to be desired.

The new operators clearly have a ‘green ethos’ and are certainly doing many of the ‘right things’. One can’t however escape the feeling that there is a degree of naïveté showing through – and certainly a lack of marketing and promotion. But then; there is perhaps also a change of emphasis – rightly or wrongly – with the Gardens probably being considered as secondary to the shop and café operations. As always “time will tell”!

In any event; do please visit the Gardens if and when you can. They need and deserve your support; and if you could also spare the time to drop us an email with your impressions; we would be very pleased to publish them on the website.